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The sound student laughter and excitement bellowed from.....


Awesome Active Adventure School Stage Show

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Captain Active will spark students’ imagination in a highly entertaining and educational one hour, healthy lifestyle and nutrition adventure from Activeland to Australia, in a bid to overcome the evil and unhealthy habits of his arch nemesis Lazy Cray Cray! He will fly in the fruit and veggie rocket, go animal ball hiking over mountains, running and dodging through dark caves, jumping over raging crocodile infested rivers and boogying to funky beats, all whilst creating a loyal and eager team of Cap Ac Kids!


The show includes:

  • Student participation in fun games on stage that are integrated into the adventure story
  • Full audience activities to get everyone laughing, involved and being active
  • Lots of healthy eating and lifestyle messages (students won’t realise they’re learning!)
  • Super catchy songs to reinforce the healthy take home messages
  • Heaps of energy that will entertain and inspire the students to be active, just like Captain Active
  • Valuable lessons for teachers to use to continue to encourage the students to be healthy
  • An enormous amount of fun that young students will absolutely love


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“Captain Active engaged our students in a fun, interactive and exciting show. Not only did our students love Captain Active, they were singing his riddles, doing his actions, playing his games and talking about his healthy food messages in the days and weeks following his show. They shared his message with their families, siblings, friends and teachers. We can’t wait to see Captain Active again next year!”

Sally Pirie, Principal, Greenvale State School


“The Preps to Year 6 students loved the show. They were thoroughly engaged as you took them on your health and fitness adventure, learning about the healthy foods that help keep them strong, healthy and ACTIVE! The students enjoyed the participation in the fun activities and the fruit and veggie rocket ship that helped portray the “healthy” and “active” message. What a wonderful experience for students, full of fun and exciting activities, songs and movement for all ages.”

Kathleen Richardson, PE Teacher, St Agnes School, Mt Gravatt


“There was a P & C meeting and one of the parents explained a conversation they heard when they arrived home…..The child said to their older sibling not to play on their phone, they need to be outside playing games with them. “I’ll show you how!”…., said the younger sibling!!”

Caroline Evens, PE Teacher, Flagstone Creek State School


“The show was very entertaining with fantastic messages”

Niki Loonstra, Teacher, Knox Gardens Primary School


“The kids loved the show & I heard them talking about the show several days later. I liked the way you were able to cater for all age groups P-6. You did some great activities that teachers will be able to use in their classrooms.”

Robyn Monks, Teacher, Coldstream Primary School


“The students loved the show and the teachers also enjoyed it. You certainly got the message through to the kids as they relayed your main message when we returned to our rooms. We loved your enthusiasm and fun way of getting a vital message to the kids.”

Evelyn Baulch, Teacher, Warrnanbool Primary School




Classroom Teacher Active Resource Kit


Captain Active wants to help classroom teachers energise their students so they’re ready to learn and leading a super active and healthy lifestyle!


Click here to Find 22 Active Energiser Demonstrations for your Classroom on the Captain Active YouTube Channel



The Captain Active Classroom Teacher Resource Kit incorporates:


IMAG0449Over 20 different active energisers you can use in the classroom

  • These activities are quick, energetic and fun. You can use them to get your students activated and ready to focus and learn first thing in the morning, straight after breaks, or at times when they need a bit of energising!


over 20 full class games you can take your class outdoors to play

  • On days where your students don’t have physical education sessions, take your class outside and energise them with one of these awesome, fun games. They’re designed to be inclusive of all abilities and you can use your discretion to focus purely on ensuring everyone has a go and enjoys it, or adding in a competitive edge.


3 downloadable e-booksPage_01

  • These are colourful and entertaining books with lots of positive messages about being active and leading a healthy lifestyle. Your students will love reading them and will be motivated to be like Captain Active and try some of the awesome active things they read about.


6 downloadable songs

  • You can use these songs in conjunction with the classroom activities, teach your class how to sing them as a group or incorporate them into a class play where your students act out what’s happening in the song!



Classroom sporting equipment pack (extra)


This is a perfect sized sports pack for a classroom, with everything a teacher will need to get the kids being active, having fun and ready to learn! It includes:

  • 2 x pullstring bagsIMAG0665
  • 2 x soccer balls
  • 2 x small footys
  • 2 x small round balls
  • 8 x tennis balls
  • 6 x noodles
  • 20 x markers


These awesome sporting equipment packs are a little bit extra, but you can purchase your very own at the Captain Active Store for only $100!



These awesome resources support the positive, healthy lifestyle messages from Captain Active’s Awesome Active Adventure Show, along with the cooking demonstrations, games and the ‘Adventures of Captain Active’ videos on the website.


Click here to start getting your class more active!




Captain Active can Visit your School or Early Learning Centre

There are heaps of awesome active things Captain Active can do at your school or kindy, including:IMAG0296

  • Running games sessions with classes
  • Delivering a presentation on healthy eating
  • Delivering a presentation on exercise and health
  • Doing a quick and entertaining performance about being active
  • Running games sessions at your fete or event
  • Attending your active fundraising events

If you think it would be awesome to have Captain Active visit your school or kindy, contact him to obtain a quote




Listen to How Captain Active Gets This School Singing on Parade!



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