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Not only was Captain Active awesome.....


“I want every kid and family to experience how much fun they can have being active and healthy”

Captain Active


Captain Active’s Awesome Active Mission is to Achieve 5 Things:


1.  Be a role model for children through having fun being active and healthy

Children learn so much from people and characters they see and watch.  By creating an energetic and fun superhero in Captain Active, we’re providing a role model who will instil children with a positive attitude towards being active and healthy.

2.  Create lifelong positive eating and exercise habits in young children

Habits that are created from a young age can assist in moulding and developing the rest of that child’s life.  Providing children with the ability to create a habit of eating good foods and exercising regularly will provide endless benefits later in life.

3.  Show children how to enjoy exercising through playing games

Exercise and physical activity for children should be all about having fun.  Through showing children how much fun they can have playing active games, they are going to develop the self-motivation to want to run around and be active and as a result, reap the rewards.

4.  Teach children what is and how to eat healthy and yummy meals

With so many different types of food constantly being marketed towards children and families, it’s important people understand what to choose.  We still need to enjoy what we’re eating, but this doesn’t need to be at the expense of poor nutrition.

5.  Have fun!

Everything in life must relate back to having fun.  Captain Active wants to share his energy, enthusiasm and unparalleled desire for fun, to put smiles on active and healthy faces all over the world!



Captain Active Knows His Stuff!


Captain Active has a bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science from James Cook University and has worked in the health, fitness, sport and recreation industry in Queensland, Australia, since 1999.


His career so far has included roles as a:

  • Personal trainer
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Health and fitness centre manager
  • Sport and recreation manager
  • Government senior advisor for sport and recreation
  • Managing Director of Sporting Advantage, a sports development and planning company based in North Queensland, Australia


Having two young awesome active kids himself, Captain Active identified the need to create a positive role model based around health and fitness for children to emulate and aspire to and so was born Captain Active!



Be Active Just Like Captain Active!



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Captain Active
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