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The classroom was full of active, healthy kids listening & learning.....


Welcome Teachers!


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Hi, I’m Captain Active and I’m super excited to see you here and keen to help me get kids being more active and healthy every day!


As part of the Captain Active Teacher Resource Kit, you’ll find over 20 different active energisers you can use in the classroom, over 20 full class games you can take your class outdoors to play, 3 downloadable e-books and 6 downloadable songs.  There’s even a classroom sporting equipment pack you can order online.


These awesome resources support the positive, healthy lifestyle messages from Captain Active’s Awesome Active Adventure Show, along with the cooking demonstrations, games and the ‘Adventures of Captain Active’ videos on the website.



Kids need to be active!


It is so important for children to be active and there are so many benefits they will enjoy as a result.  Here are some of the things Captain Active knows being active can help students with!


Being active can improve a student’s memory,

Encourage teamwork, reduce obesity.

Being active can increase a student’s self-esteem,

Develop confidence, reduce absentees.

Being active can enhance a student’s concentration,

Lengthen attention, encourage participation.

Being active can help students break out of the mould,

Develop leadership, set big challenging goals.

Being active can assist a student solve problems,

Progress test results, advance their knowledge.

Being active is what Captain Active does best,

Until all kids are like him, he will not rest.



Classroom Activities!


These activities are quick, energetic and fun.  You can use them to get your students activated and ready to focus and learn first thing in the morning, straight after breaks, or at times when they need a bit of energising!

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Students can do the majority of these activities at their desk, making them convenient to integrate into your day.  By being creative, you can incorporate many of the activities into your lesson plans.  For example, ‘Dynamic Numbers’ would be great in maths, ‘Active Alphabet’ awesome in english and ‘Electric Shock’ perfect for science.


The activities incorporate a whole range of physical and mental skills that are essential for childrens’ development, including balance, reflexes, hand eye coordination, fine motor control, self-esteem, confidence, listening and following instructions.  They’re also lots of active fun!


For you and your students to get the most out of these activities, choose 1 and use it in the classroom every for a week.  You’ll find over the 5 days, your students will adapt, improve and come up with different ways to play and progress the activity.  The next week, choose a different activity.  With over 20 activities, you can do something different each week of the semester.  Without a doubt, your students will be asking to do them again, so repeat them the following semester and see how much they have developed!


Click Here for all the Classroom Activities



Outdoor Class Games!


On days where your students don’t have physical education sessions, take your class outside and energise them with one of these awesome, fun games.  They’re designed to be inclusive of all abilities and you can use your discretion to focus purely on ensuring everyone has a go and enjoys it, or adding in a competitive edge.

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Whilst laughing and having a ball, your students will be developing coordination, specific physical skills, self-confidence, fine motor control, balance, team work, visual awareness and healthy eating habits, not to mention they’ll be getting the all too valuable exercise growing bodies need every day.


Coming back into the classroom, your students are going to be smiling, invigorated, alert and ready to concentrate on your lesson!  Plan which time of the day this will be most useful for you class; straight up in the morning; after morning tea; or in the middle of the last session of the day.


There are over 20 different games that can be played on an oval or an indoor court.  There are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need to organise to borrow from your PE teacher, or you can purchase a Captain Active class sports pack, that has everything you’ll need to play.


Click Here for all the Outdoor Class Games



Downloadable e-Books (pdf)!


These are colourful and entertaining books with lots of positive messages about being active and leading a healthy lifestyle.  Your students will love reading them and will hopefully be motivated to be like Captain Active and do some of the awesome active things they read about.


Fruit & Veggie Rocket RescuePage_01

This is a story about best friends Lewis and Toby who love to play together.  Problems arise when Toby eats too many lazy foods and not enough active foods to give him energy!  Can Captain Active save the day with his fruit and veggie rocket?





Active is for Me

This book is a rhyming poem about lots of different active things kids can do!  It is also the lyrics for the song of the same name.






Captain Active Can!

This book is a rhyming poem about all the awesome active things Captain Active can do!  It is also the lyrics for the song of the same name.






My Favourite Superhero

This book is a rhyming poem with lots of reasons why Captain Active is an awesome superhero!  It is also the lyrics for the song of the same name.






Like Captain Active

This book is the lyrics to Captain Active’s theme song, Captain Active Yeah!





Downloadable Songs!


You can use these songs in conjunction with the classroom activities, teach your class how to sing them as a group or incorporate them into a class play where your students act out what’s happening in the song!


Captain Active Yeah

Download Now



Captain Active Can

Download Now



Active is for Me

Download Now



Lazy Cray Cray

Download Now



Who’s a Cap Ac Kid

Download Now



My Favourite Superhero

Download Now



Fruit and Veggie Rocket

Download Now



I Want To Play Sports

Download Now



Amazing Colourful Food

Download Now



I am Awesome

Download Now



The Captain Active Party

Download Now





More Videos of Captain Active


Watch all the great videos of Captain Active on YouTube and share them with your students’ parents to encourage the awesome active fun to continue at home!


Captain Active Channel



  • Captain Active in the Kitchen preparing healthy meals and snacks
  • Captain Active showing kids lots of active games they can play at home
  • The Adventures of Captain Active, where our favourite superhero explores the great outdoors, going mountain bike riding, fishing, camping, shopping, trail hiking and more!



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