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4 Volumes of Awesome Active Games, Recipes and Adventures

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The Captain Active DVDs are a fantastic way to inspire your kids to be active and eat healthy foods!

Each DVD includes close to an hour of entertaining adventures, game and food demonstrations that are designed for kids to try at home on their own or with their friends and family. The episodes in ‘The Adventures of Captain Active’ are both an educational and motivational series of fun adventures Captain Active gets up to that you can try as a whole family.



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Click here to see examples of Captain Active’s awesome game and cooking demonstrations



Volume 1 – Start Getting ActiveDVD Label-Vol1

1. Bound
2. One Eyed Monster Breaky
3. Scoop Catch
4. Apple Bowls
5. Knock ‘Em Out
6. Adventures in the Park
7. Pumpkin Soup
8. Balance Hop
9. Veggie Pancakes
10. Dog Ball
11. Fruit Animal Flowers
12. Adventures with Active and Lazy Foods



DVD Label-Vol2Volume 2 – Keep Being Active

1. Toe Hands
2. Soft Boiled Eggs with Soldiers
3. Balloon Dress
4. Shish Kebabs and Flat Potato Chips
5. Zoom Zoom Zoomy Zoom Zoom
6. Adventure Veggie Garden Farming
7. Fruit and Veggie Rockets
8. Jump the River
9. Pirate Ship Crackers
10. Basketballish
11. Orange Mushy Fruity Cupcakes
12. Adventure Bike Riding (and Stacking!)



Volume 3 – Being Even More ActiveDVD Label-Vol3

1. Balloon Squash
2. Egg Bread
3. Water Feet
4. Pizza Swirls
5. Ball Clench
6. Fantastic Fishing Adventures
7. Fruit Popsicles
8. Noodle Ball Racing Cars
9. Sandcastle Sandwiches
10. Body Shape Jump
11. Fruit Necklace
12. Adventures in a Fresh Food Market



DVD Label-Vol4Volume 4 – Loving Being Active

1. Cotton Ball Run
2. Jigsaw Toasties
3. Ball vs Wall
4. Cheesy Sticky Fondue
5. Egg Roll
6. Hiking and Exploring Adventure
7. Love Heart Salad
8. Broom Golf
9. Secret Spy Message Bananas
10. Water Balloon Catch
11. Fruit and Veggie Juice
12. Adventures in the Backyard Exercising

Each volume is only $20 including postage to anywhere in Australia!

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