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Kids were having a blast exercising with a real life superhero.....


Captain Active Kids Class



Opportunities for Personal Trainers and Fitness Centres


Captain Active Kids Classes have been specifically designed by Captain Active (a sports scientist with over 15 years health and fitness experience and father of two young boys). A class incorporates 8 different games that focus on a range of physical skills whilst being interactive and lots of fun to keep the kids’ interest. A class runs for 1 hour and incorporates:

  • A 5 minute warm up and warm down game
  • 6 active, fun games that each go for 7 minutes
  • 1 minute drink breaks between each game
  • Energising music that creates a great atmosphere and indicates the drink breaks
  • Lots of variation and use of different equipment


In a Captain Active Kids Class, everything revolves around a set format of super fun games mixed in with heaps of imagination and creativity and very little down time. There is an array of energetic music pumping in the background that creates a fantastically enthusiastic atmosphere in the room. Whilst playing, laughing and having a ball, kids will develop:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Physical skills and abilities
  • Self confidence
  • Fine motor control
  • Balance
  • Team work
  • Visual awareness
  • Healthy eating habits


Watch how much fun we have in a Captain Active Kids Class!




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