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Kids were having a blast exercising with a real life superhero.....


Captain Active’s mission is to be an active role model for children and create positive attitudes towards exercise and nutrition. His super powers will help to create lifelong healthy habits through showing kids and grown-ups how to have fun exercising and playing games together and how to choose and enjoy eating yummy, healthy foods.


With his unbridled enthusiasm and passion for being active, Captain Active will show you heaps of different games to play that will get you moving and having a great time. He will also show you heaps of ways to prepare delicious snacks and meals that are both appealing and healthy to eat.

Play Bottom Shuffle!


Make a Banana Smoothy!


Captain Active’s awesome games and recipes are demonstrated by the superhero himself, so children can enjoy watching a video, then be just like Captain Active and play the game or prepare the meal themselves.


The majority of Captain Active’s games can be played indoors or outdoors (with the exception of the odd messy or wet game) in small areas or large spaces. The games can be set up and played by children on their own, though they will be so much more fun if the whole family plays too! Captain Active will explain the equipment needed for every game and although you can purchase a Captain Active Sports Pack, this is not essential as you’ll be able to play all the games with things you’re likely to have around the house.


Read Kidspot reviews from Mums from all over Australia that explain how Captain Active has helped their household!


The types of foods Captain Active will use in his recipes will be based on fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, low fat dairy products and wholegrain breads and cereals. Captain Active calls these ‘Active Foods’ and will help everyone to play, play, play, play, play, play, play! Captain Active believes there is room in a balanced eating plan for a small amount of what he calls ‘Lazy Foods’. Things like sugary sweets, ice-cream, fast food and fizzy drinks aren’t totally outlawed, but are only for every now and then. They will only help you to play, play, pla…….


Captain Active isn’t sponsored or subsidised by any food producing companies, so the recipes he provides have been chosen as being what’s best for his Awesome Active Kids and Families!



The most effective way to ensure our next generation have a positive attitude towards exercise and nutrition, is to make being active and eating healthy fun. Let’s create awesome active habits from an early age



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