4 Week Active Family Challenge

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It's all happening...fun, games, recipes, exercise, challenges, plans....

Get your whole family active and healthy with the Captain Active 4 week Active Family Challenge!


Be motivated

Be inspired

Be entertained

Be energised

Be adventurous

Be active

Be just like Captain Active

March 14 2015 Family Challenge

Each week, be inspired and motivated by Captain Active:

  • Demonstrating three different active games you can play at home
  • Showing you how to make three different healthy and yummy meals
  • Going on his very own awesome active adventures, that are always entertaining and educational
  • Sharing his stories and pictures of his and his awesome active kids’ adventures


Each week, be challenged by Captain Active to:

One Step Forward

  • Go on a weekend adventure that is fun and challenging for the whole family

  • Follow his shopping list and meal plan of super yummy and super healthy eating
  • Pack different types of appealing and healthy lunchbox snacks for school and work
  • Get the grown-ups out of their comfort zone, by following his exercise plans
  • Learn and question what a healthy lifestyle really is and discover new ways in which to have fun being active


Receive from Captain Active:

  • A supercharged video message welcoming you to the challenge
  • A downloadable chart to record and display your active family goals
  • A downloadable ‘Story Book’ maker, to create an album of photos and stories of your active family adventures
  • NEW!  A downloadable ‘Race Around the World’ game, where the family member who is the most active, will complete the race the quickest!
  • Heaps of support and advice from Captain Active (who is a sport and exercise scientist)
  • Access to the Captain Active Awesome Active Family member page
  • Discounts on Captain Active DVDs, sporting equipment and clothing


This Challenge is Ideal For:

What Type of Role Model

  • Parents who want to be awesome active role models for their family
  • Families with young children (primary school age or younger)
  • Busy families
  • Kids that say ‘I’m bored!’
  • Families who want to spend more quality time together
  • Decreasing screen time


Be Active and Register:

  • Starts Saturday March 14, 2015
  • $45 for the whole family to enjoy 4 weeks of awesome active fun!  (Don’t make me have to compare this cost to a couple of weeklycappuccinos!)


Click here to register and be challenged to be an awesome active family!


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