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Families watched and then sprang into action.....

Welcome Awesome Active Kids and Families!!



We are going to have heaps of fun together playing awesome active games, creating super yummy, active meals and learning how amazing it feels to live an active, healthy lifestyle!


I hope you are inspired, entertained and motivated by my active videos and activities!


I would love to hear about your adventures and experiences, so please email me or share pictures and stories on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages!

I hope you have heaps of fun and play play play play play all day!


Be Active, Just Like Captain Active!


The Adventures of Captain Active


Fantastic Fishing Adventures



Camping Capers



Hiking, Walking and Exploring



Bike Riding (and Stacking!)



Fresh Food Market Shopping



Fun in Parks



Active and Lazy Foods



Backyard Exercise Circuit



Veggie Garden Farming



Always Keep Trying



Downloadable Activities


Colouring In Pages

Spot the Difference

Make your own Captain Active Mask

Word Search

Cross Word Puzzle

Pencil Flick Racing Game



Active Games to Play at Home

Bottom Shuffle



Leaf Blower



Crab Walk



Skittle ‘Em



Be The Ball




Healthy Meals to Make at Home

Banana Smoothy



Submarine Melts



Corn Thin Clowns



Fruit Echidna



Fruit Pizza




Lots of Fun with Captain Active

A Beach Bottom Shuffle with 18 Awesome Active Kids!



Trail Hiking in Townsville



Trail Hiking in Cairns



Listen to 900 School Kids Singing with Captain Active!



Listen to the ‘My Favourite Superhero’ Poem




Now don’t just sit there, go and Be Active Just Like Captain Active!



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